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Vitamin Lip Oil Serum Coconut Aroma (30ML) Limited Edition

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Babiiboo's Lip Care Brand Business

Lip Care Essentials. Say goodbye to chapped cracked lips and say hello to rejuvenated kissable lips.

A brief summary about Babiiboo's brand lip care brand business:

I've been in search of vegan high quality lip care treatments and have found none that worked for me entirely as I desired. I have sensitive lips and not all ingredients were always best from other well-known brands. I began to study about beauty products and ingredients to understand what each ingredient is used for and the benefits that it provides. I studied and collaborated with companies that had successfully made their ingredients and are 100% certified in which their ingredients created my Vitamin Lip Oil Serum.

My Vitamin Lip Oil Serum is a lip healer mainly used for cracked and dehydrated lips including to use for daily wear or as an overnight vegan lip mask.

The ingredients are all plant based and will restore most lip problems in a natural form.

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